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عالم الفضاء لبيع وصيانة اجهزة النقال وملحقاتها والاجهزة اللوحية
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    BAVIN AUX07 AUX Cable Double-headed 3.5mm

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    Bavin Audio AUX Mode Audio Cable Double-headed With 3.5mm male to Car Phone Song Connection Cable

    Metal no winding, no knot

    Can be used to connect mp3/, mobile phones to cars and other uses

    Cable Length: 1 meter

    Aluminum connector

    Interface: 3.5mm to 3.5mm plugs

    Suitable for the computer, TV, tape recorders, CD, MP 3, card and amplifier, speakers and audio signal transmission connection between them. The extended line end plug 3.5mm TV, computer, CD, , audio cassette socket, the other end is connected to a stereo or ear machine. As an extension line will be 3.5mm line end plug socket power amplifier audio signal output port, the other end of the socket and the plug can be connected.

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    BAVIN AUX07 AUX Cable Double-headed 3.5mm

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